Sunday, January 29, 2006

Track Taste...BYATA

Here's the uncensored (and best quality) version of BYATA's Primo produced "Byata is the illest"...Yeah, it ain't a joke, the girl who raps in this hardcore track is the same girl you see in the picture!!!! Damn bro', I didn't think a second that this dope MC was a gorgeous russian girl!! :)) Anyway, enjoy the track and for more info about her, check out her official site...

Byata - Byata is the illest

Friday, January 27, 2006

Track Taste...SONJA BLADE

I let you hear one of the best tracks that Primo produced, I mean the one he did for (SONJA) BLADE, the ex-Gulf war soldier (hopefully the 1st Gulf war, cauz' if it was the recent one, f*ck that sh*t, I ain't doin' a mothaf***in' link for this!!)...Anyway, two Primo beats for the price of one, it's worth the effort...

(Sonja) Blade - Look 4 tha name

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Track Taste...WYCLEF JEAN

Check out this ultra rare remix for WYCLEF JEAN's "911" featuring Mary J. Blige, released in a 12'...The track is pretty cool but not the best remix that Primo did...

Wyclef Jean feat. Mary J. Blige - 911 (Dj Premier RMX)

Track Taste...GROUP HOME

My man Hendope wanted this track, so I'm puttin' a link for it: it's the remix of the GROUP HOME's "Suspended in time"...The beat is slightly different and the hook is no more "Don't talk 2 talk, if ya can't walk 2 walk" and the Das EFX's R&B style now...Check it out:

Group Home - Suspended in time (Groovy RMX)

Monday, January 23, 2006


I think that when we mention the best MC's in the music history (like KRS-One, Rakim, Biggie or 2 Pac), we have to mention JERU THE DAMAJA...I give you one reason for that: Biggie said back in the days (before the "One Day" so called "beef") that he loved Jeru and that he wanted to be there in the background of "Brooklyn took it" video clip...
We miss you Jeru, what the f*ck went with you when you decided to substitute Primo beats by yours???!!! You two gave the best chemistry in the planet!!!!!!
Aight, no more cryin', time to chill:

Jeru The Damaja - Me or the papes

"...East N.Y. style stick 'em, HA HA HA, stick 'em..."

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Track Taste...D.I.T.C.

Check out this extra dope Primo remix of D.I.T.C.'s "Where ya at" featuring Big Pun (RIP) & Milano:

D.I.T.C. feat. Big Pun & Milano - Where ya at (Dj Premier RMX)


We don't talk enough about this Hip-Hop veteran, who released his first album in 89', and who did one of the best verses in rap history, I'm talkin' about the last verse of "The Militia"...So to give BUMPY his real reputation, I let you listen to this Industry Shakedown (2000) track produced by Primo:

Freddie Foxxx/Bumpy Knuckles - R.N.S.

Props to Primo for the nasty "M.U.G." cuts & scratches...

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Track Taste...TEFLON

Check out this TEFLON (a.k.a. TEF) track, produced by Primo, who perpetuates M.O.P. style...It's on Tef's mixtape Bad News hosted by Dj Big Mike...It looks like another Primo track produced for a Hip-Hop veteran, I let you guess which one... ;) Leave comments when you find out!!!

Teflon - For the love

Track Taste...SPECIAL TEAMZ "Boston representatives Ed O.G., Slaine, and Jaysaun combine to form Special Teamz, and what better way to make a mark with their debut 12' than to hook up with the one & only DJ Premier"...

Special Teamz - Main event

Friday, January 20, 2006

Track Taste...DJ PREMIER

Check out "Holiday Hell" Intro by Primo...the beat is sick!!!!



Props to Johan Svensson for sending me this crazy mothaf**in' hot joint by an R&B girl called ANISHA NICOLE, I read that the track is available in her album called "19", probably released in 2005...No more comments, I let you listen to the proof that Primo is HIP-HOP!!! Enjoy the picture too ;)

Full versions: HASSTYLE, BYATA

Here are the full versions of the RARE & UNRELEASED tracks mentioned in an article below:
Hasstyle - I love when

Byata - The illest

Bonus: Ludacris - Hip-hop quotables>>>produced by Erick Sermon and available on 2003' "Chicken & beer"... props to MIHAU for the info!!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Track Taste...PITCH BLACK

Check out this PITCH BLACK unreleased track titled Rep tha hardest produced by you know who, containing an extra thick bass line, and also the dope released track in 12' called Revenge:

Pitch Black - Rep tha hardest

Pitch Black - Revenge

Everybody knows that Primo also produced "It's all real", "Got it locked" feat. Foxy Brown (those are included in their 1st album called Pitch Black Law) and "Nice" feat. Styles P of D-Block (formerly The L.O.X.). The last one is for me one of the worst that Primo did (I think the 1st bad beat, cauz' I'm still searching for bad productions by him, I can't find any!!), but it's a personal opinion, you may like it ;)... Let me know if u want one of them tho...

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Track Taste...RED FOX

Let's take some minutes to listen to this fast Primo sound by the ragga man RED FOX (who have "disappeared" a few years ago). The track is taken from FOX's 1st album called As a matter of Fox, released in 93'...Lord 've mercy!!!


Check out this brand new VERBAL THREAT, a group composed by a black and blondy like they say in this Primo track:

Verbal Threat - Reality Check

The beat is very different from the usual Primo sound, but I love it anyway, it's dope!!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Track Taste...HEAVY D & The Boyz

Back to tha real sh*t: check out this extra dope track by Mr. Big Stuff a.k.a. HEAVY D produced by Primo, straight outta old skool planet!! The beat is crazy and the piano keyz on the hook are off the chain!! It's available on Blue Funk released in 92'.
Two others tracks on this album- "Here comes the hevsta" & "A buncha ni**az"- are Primo produced. Let me know if u want me to post them...

Heavy D & The Boyz - Yes Y'all

Sunday, January 15, 2006


This is a wonderful Primo remix of "Take your partner by the hand" by the famous lyricist and composer Robbie Robertson taken from his 98' album Contact from the Underworld of Redboy as a bonus track. I love the beat and in the middle of the song, there's a proof about the fact that Premier is one of the best turntable users in the world; I let u figure it out!!...This song was also released by the U.K. Dj Howie B in a 12'.

Robbie Robertson - Take your partner by the hand (Dj Premier Remix a.k.a. Red Alert Mix)

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Track Taste...Tin Tin Out & EMMA BUNTON

Here's a fabulous Gang Starr remix for the ex-Spice Girl EMMA BUNTON called "What I am (Gang Starr RMX)", the original song was produced by the UK pop/drum n' bass DJ's Tin Tin Out...Shout out to Guru for the rap too!

I love this song, the guitar and the beat are nasty!! And I appreciate this pretty girl too ;)

Track Taste...TROY SLUGS

We don't know that much about this rapper called TROY SLUGS, there was a lot of rumours that Primo produced a few tracks for him but it wasn't true...But, this snippet seems to be a Primo track, check it out and leave comments about it...

Track Taste...FLIPSYDE

This Primo track is hot, but when I heard it the 1st time, I didn't like it that much, now it's one straight gutter joint for me!! It's called "It's been a long time coming" by FLIPSYDE.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Track Taste...SUBSONIC 2

Take a second to listen to this magnificient old skool Primo joint by english group SUBSONIC 2, it's called "Regardless" and it's available on their 1st album "Include me out" (1991)...He also co-produced another track called "Dedicated to the city" (snippet) and did the Gang Starr mix (snippet) with Guru of the same song in their 12' "Unsung heroes of HipHop" (1991)...

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Arigato PRIMO!! Check out this banger by Def Jam's japanese group TERIYAKI BOYZ called "You know what time is it?!" produced by you know who (faster than the usual Primo sound but dope anyway)...It's on their first album in Russel Simmons' ex-label which contains big producers like The Neptunes, Just Blaze, Dj Shadow and even Daft Punk (!) among others ; it's called "Beef or chicken" (?)...Bon app├ętit!! (but you could hire a better designer for the cover guys, that sh*t is wack!)...

Track Taste...NAS

This is the last track with a Dj PREMIER & NAS collabo (*), it's on the album Stillmatic and it's called "2nd childhood"...Talkin' about Nas and Primo, there was an interview with both of them in Scratch Magazine (**) that gave me a unique sensation when I read it cauz' the main event is that these two big artists are thinking (seriously) about releasing in 2006 a full-Dj Premier-produced Nas album!!! It's too good to be real cauz', like Primo said in this interview, he's excited to hear it as much as we do...But I believe in it, so I hope that it will definitely bring the real Hip-Hop back home and that radios and tv's will, from this day, play real hardcore gangsta sh*t...Inch'allah :)
(*)Without counting Alicia Keys "N.Y. State of mind Part 3" featuring Nas & Rakim released in 2003...
(**)It's the november 2005 issue of Scratch Magazine...See this for the Dj Premier interview and search in Blogger "nas+premier", you'll find the Nas interview...

Monday, January 02, 2006

Track Taste...DA KING & I

Let's stay in the old skool vibe: this track is one of my favourite, it's the Dj Premier remix of "Flip da script" by DA KING & I, that sh*t is hot!!! I didn't know this group until I heard this Primo remix, but they were dope back in tha dayz...Magnificient!

Da King & I - Flip da script (Dj Premier "Toot da horn" remix)

Track Taste...NICE N' SMOOTH

Takin' u back to the good old skool dayz!!! Despite the fact that I began listenin' to rap in 94-95 (cauz' I was too young before ;) ), when I heard for the first time old skool rap, I was like "Damn!!! this is it, this is the real sh*t!!"....F*CK NEW SKOOL MAN!!! (I mean f*ck the new sh*t that we hear on the radio like "laffy taffy" or "oh i think they like me"...this is bullsh*t, not rap...
So, to fly away from nowadayz bullsh*t rap, here are two tracks by Nice n' Smooth where PRIMO was involved...the first one is the world famous "DWYCK" by Gang Starr and the second one is the 2005 solo joint by Smooth B called "Game over"...The game's just started tho...