Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Track Taste...WENDY & LISA

Check out this hot Gang Starr remix for former Prince affiliated singers WENDY & LISA...I love this track, it's a 100% Gang Starr beat, sounds like Jazz Thing especially when Guru spits on the mic...Btw, you'll find the track on Wendy & Lisa remix album called "Re-Mix-In-A-Carnation"...Enjoy!!

Wendy & Lisa - Satisfaction (Gang Starr RMX)

Track Taste...AFU-RA

Here's the original version of AFU-RA's "Mic Stance", available on his 1st classic album "Body of the life force"...Both tracks are produced by Premier; this version is also known as a remix...I love 'em both...

Afu-Ra - Mic Stance (Dj Premier RMX)

Track Taste...COKE Dj CULTURE

Dj Premier did this wonderful remix of a Coca-Cola Company commercial project done in Germany called COKE Dj CULTURE. The remixes also featured big names such as Afrika Bambaataa himself...

Dj Premier - Coke Dj Culture RMX


Check out this extra dope track by the old skool canadian MC's DREAM WARRIORS...The track is produced by Prim', he also did another couple of tracks for them, "I've lost my ignorance" feat. Guru and the remix of the same song...

Dream Warriors - It's a project thing

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Here's a track by the famous french folk/gipsy group LES NEGRESSES VERTES, who put out hit records such as "Sous le soleil de Bodega" or "Famille heureuse" among others...In their remixes album called 10 Remixes, you'll find this dope Gang Starr remix for "Voilà l'été"...The summer will be hot!!

Les Nègresses Vertes - Voilà l'été (Gang Starr & L.N.V. Remix)

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Track Taste...THE RANJAHZ

I really love this track, even if Dj Honda's version was a classic (Travellin' man feat. Mos Def), but Premier did a "Premier version" with that sample, so it must be dope...The duo of MC's, THE RANJAHZ, gives nice verses on that and Cee-Lo Green illuminates the hook!! I heard that one of them is Jaÿ-Z's cousin, so it's certainly Jigga Man who connected Primo with them...And that track made Primo produce for Cee-Lo the strange "Evening news". But who knows??? I'm just imaginin'...

Track Taste...DA YOUNGSTAS

Here's a dope Primo-produced track for the old skool trio DA YOUNGSTAS. I don't even know if they still releasin' somethin', but they were dope back in the dayz...If u listen close to the track, u'll figure out that two of them got Shyheim & Big Daddy Kane flows! ;)

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Track Taste...FABIDDEN (FRUIT)

Check out this really cool track by the dope rapper H.Stax pka Hannibal Stax and when he's with his Dj called Mike Rone, they go by the name of FABIDDEN...I really appreciate this track cauz' it's a different Premier production style, in the mood of the NYG'z joints. The track is featuring on the hook another Dj Premier affiliated artist, BOY BIG, the R&B singer from Kansas City who was featured on Gang Starr's legendary "Nice girl, wrong place". Eh yo Premier, when will you put out real albums for Fabidden, Boy Big, Blaq Po', Khalil, Rave Roulette, NYG'z, Smiley, Tef'???...

Fabidden (Fruit) feat. Boy Big - Proper dosage

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Track Taste...NUT

Here's a pretty cool track produced by the Waxmaster for a female MC called NUT aka NUT NUT, not to confuse with Dj Nut Nut, the UK Pop/Drum n' Bass DJ...I have no further information about all this, I just know that the track was released on a VLS called Nut Nut mix show (1996)...

NUT - Hands in the air

Monday, March 13, 2006


Like I promised, here's some news about the BLACK EYED PEAS remix by DJ Premier I mentionned a few dayz ago, from the upcoming album Renegotiations: The Remixes...In fact, it ain't news, it's the snippet of the track and sh*t, big big shout outs to VIN for this...He said that he didn't like the track at all, but I don't share this with him, it's not the best remix Primo did but it's dope anyway...What is bad is the fact that BEP re-sang the song, they tryna change the style, sayin' "Primo" and sh*t, it's not a Pro-Tools remix naa mean?!...Anyway, if somebody ask u where did u hear it, u gotta say Don R.I.F. is behind the sh*t. Leave comments about it, I'm out...

Black Eyed Peas feat. Justin Timberlake - My style (Dj Premier RMX) snippet

Friday, March 10, 2006

Track Taste...TRUCK TURNER

Here's a track that I would put on a Top 10 Best Dj Premier productions; the MC who spit on it would also deserves to be put as one of the best MC's ever: TRUCK TURNER...Just listen to his verse on The Symphony 2000 and you'll know what I'm talkin' about...Aight, take a moment to listen to Real Hip-Hop, hardcore sh*t...

Truck Turner - Breaker One

By the way, you won't find this track on the album Look both ways before you cross me, it was released on a VLS...

Track Taste...J ROCK

A lot of people asked me to put those tracks, I'm talkin' about the J ROCK Primo-produced tracks...I heard this old skool MC is still locked up for drug dealin', so he was really the neighborhood drug dealer?...Btw., I miss the track Ghetto Law, so if some of u have it, holla at me so I can put it down here...>>CORRECTION: My man Tom Rotten and my man Illmatic (much props to them) sent me this dope dope dope dope (I can go like this til' tomorrow) jazzy track, without a doubt the best one. Primo gives you the real definition of CUTS & SCRATCHING...

Track Taste...BIG SHUG

Here's the 1st BIG SHUG track produced by Premier, I think it's also the 1st he ever did (or maybe Crush is the 1st?)...Who thought that Shug was singin' R&B back in the dayz?? :)) Dope track though...

Big Shug - Treat U better

Monday, March 06, 2006

Track Taste...HEATHER B

Check out this dope track produced by Primo for HEATHER B, a dope female MC, BDP affiliated, who also did the dope Steady Rockin' with Preem'...It may sound a bit strange for some of you, but this track is one of my favourite Primo tracks ever cauz' it shows the high level of Premier's creativity. Let me explain myself: if you listen closely to the beat, he takes two mediocre sound noises, flip them and do a hot hardcore sh*t...Aight, let me know what u think about this stuff...

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Track Taste...SAUCE MONEY

Why does the good rappers like SAUCE MONEY disappear from the Hip-Hop scene?? This guy is a crazy lyricist, he made such big records, I love his style man!!! He's one of the best rappers ever to me...Did you know that he ghostwrote "I'll be missing you" for Puffy? Did you know that he was a Roc-A-Fella? If you don't, I bet you didn't know this hardcore mothafu**in' Primo joint:

Sauce Money - Against the grain

"I should open up a casino for all the games you playin'..."


Here's a dope Primo remix for the one & only NOTORIOUS B.I.G. aka BIGGIE SMALLS. No more comments about the track, everybody knows how the best was the Premier/Biggie collabo...

The Notorious B.I.G. - Machine gun funk (Dj Premier RMX)

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Track Taste...M.O.P.

Here's a track produced by you know who for the First Family M.O.P....A real Dj Premier and M.O.P. hardcore joint, there's no doubt that both are the one of the best Hip-Hop chemistry ever...It was released on Marxmen Cinema LP and on various mixtapes.

M.O.P. - 4 Life

Track Taste...BIZ MARKIE

Here comes a Dj Premier production for Hip-Hop's best clown a.k.a BIZ MARKIE...When you hear this track, it's like the Primo beat was done exclusively to Biz, nobody else could rap over it!! Damn Primo...Once again, the B.I.Z. tells us a weird story like he does it well...Btw, you won't find this track on any Biz Markie album, it was released on a VLS (only for Japan I think)...

Biz Markie feat. Black Indian - And I rock...