Saturday, August 30, 2008

Track Taste...BIG SHUG

I told you to look out for "My boston" for BIG SHUG featuring Singapore Kane & Termanology...Man, I can't understand people who says that this is just an average track from Primo........WTF????????? this a puuuuuuuure banger!!!!!!!!! New style from Preemo but what a style!!!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


F*ckin' craaaaaazy video of SMILEY's famous Primo-produced "The wake up call"!!!! Back when Guru & Premier used to be on the same videos. Billy Danz from the world famous M.O.P. makes cameo too!!! This was made a few years ago, but just released now.

Track Taste...NYG'z

Maaaan...I never seen a track growin' on me like this one, I listen to it like a hundred times a day...Here's the clean version of it, love that joint, crazy mo'f*ckin' grimey hardcore Hip-Hop all-star joint...

NYG'z feat. Lady of Rage, Freddie Foxxx & Royce Da 5'9'' - Ya Dayz R #'d (NYGemix - Clean)

Sunday, August 24, 2008


I read on KHALEEL's Myspace that he gon' drop his album this summer on Year Round Records, of course produced by the man himself. The album is called "My MC name is...", hope to have some true Hip-Hop and not be delayed once again, like every Dj Premier produced thing...If ya don't know yet, Khaleel is signed to YRR, he was in jail but now he's free. He did a few years ago a joint produced by Primo called "You can't tell me sh#t", renamed to "Hot flames" now according to Preem' on Live from HQ a few weeks ago...Let's wait for some new sh#t.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Track Taste...ILL BILL

Maaaan, nuff talkin', listen to this brand new ILL BILL & Preem' collabo and you'll hate Jay-Z. (P.S.: Jay-Z refused this beat for the American Gangster album, plus MC Lyte's "Wonder years" beat and Ras Kass' "Goldyn Chyld RMX" beat.)

Ill Bill - Society is brainwashed (Snippet)

I also think that Jay-Z would sound wack on this one, he ain't hardcore anymore...

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Track Taste...LAURA IZIBOR

If you say that there's somebody musically better than DJ PREMIER on this planet earth, then FUCK YOU...and listen to this remix for LAURA IZIBOR "From my heart to yours (Dj Premier version)", you'll understand why I said FUCK YOU...

Monday, August 11, 2008

Track Taste...RHYMEFEST

This is a dope underrated joint, RHYMEFEST comes correct on "Real N*gga Quotes" produced by the master himself, though I hate the talkin' sh*t in the outro of the song even though it's some real deep talkin' sh*t. It is available on Rhymefest's upcoming album "El Che". Hasta la victoria siempre Primo!

Track Taste...REKS

Here's the clean version of one of the best Dj Premier produced tracks this year, I'm talkin' about the excellent "Say goodnight" by REKS, a Boston MC, killin' the Primo beat fo sho!!!!! If the track was more "Boom-Bap" and had crazy bassline, I think it would have been something incredible! The wack ass clip is available all over Youtube...made by Powerpoint or some Windows Movie Maker sh*t.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

New sh*t!

Some brand new sh*t for y'all, a little bit late cauz' I'm f*ckin' busy this summer (going to the beach and stuff :P).

First of all, check out this brand new Dj Premier produced track for TERMANOLOGY featuring BUN B (from UGK, R.I.P. Pimp C), the joint is called "How we rock"...Like one of my boyz said on the Forum, it'll be good on a detective movie soundtrack! (video coming soon)

UPDATED: Another crazy dope new joint is of the House of Repz, an underground old school group, I got an email from Bateria aka Jedi who said that he did the joint with some other cats on the group...the track is called "U gotta love us" and it's in my humble opinion a Primo-CLASSIC!! Check it out!

Last but not least: THE SNIPPETS of the brand new Dj Premier instrumental album called "Beats that collected dust Vol.1"!!! Props to my man Gim ' for this one!! Speechless...the "trash" beats by Premier can f*ck up any platinum artist beat...