Saturday, August 09, 2008

New sh*t!

Some brand new sh*t for y'all, a little bit late cauz' I'm f*ckin' busy this summer (going to the beach and stuff :P).

First of all, check out this brand new Dj Premier produced track for TERMANOLOGY featuring BUN B (from UGK, R.I.P. Pimp C), the joint is called "How we rock"...Like one of my boyz said on the Forum, it'll be good on a detective movie soundtrack! (video coming soon)

UPDATED: Another crazy dope new joint is of the House of Repz, an underground old school group, I got an email from Bateria aka Jedi who said that he did the joint with some other cats on the group...the track is called "U gotta love us" and it's in my humble opinion a Primo-CLASSIC!! Check it out!

Last but not least: THE SNIPPETS of the brand new Dj Premier instrumental album called "Beats that collected dust Vol.1"!!! Props to my man Gim ' for this one!! Speechless...the "trash" beats by Premier can f*ck up any platinum artist beat...

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Gibbon said...

I'm happy to see U postin' again! Thanks for the tracks and infos. This new Termanology joint is killing me. Keep doing it! Peace!