Monday, August 11, 2008

Track Taste...RHYMEFEST

This is a dope underrated joint, RHYMEFEST comes correct on "Real N*gga Quotes" produced by the master himself, though I hate the talkin' sh*t in the outro of the song even though it's some real deep talkin' sh*t. It is available on Rhymefest's upcoming album "El Che". Hasta la victoria siempre Primo!


T.r. said...

Do you think that the beat on the interwiew with ill bill which starts at 1:50 is from the track
"SOCIETY IS BRAINWASHED" (of course produced by Premier)

Don R.I.F. said...

nope bro, that's "The name's Bill" produced by Alchemist, old joint...sounds a bit like a Primo track!
thanx tho!