Sunday, March 05, 2006

Track Taste...SAUCE MONEY

Why does the good rappers like SAUCE MONEY disappear from the Hip-Hop scene?? This guy is a crazy lyricist, he made such big records, I love his style man!!! He's one of the best rappers ever to me...Did you know that he ghostwrote "I'll be missing you" for Puffy? Did you know that he was a Roc-A-Fella? If you don't, I bet you didn't know this hardcore mothafu**in' Primo joint:

Sauce Money - Against the grain

"I should open up a casino for all the games you playin'..."


Moe said...

Well i already knew that track from the awesome soul in the hole soundtrack but the best sauce money track for me is intruder alert.

But Against the Grain is dope, too!!!

Anonymous said...

Yo this site is dope man ... keep up the good work.

Primo is the best and y'all know it.


Anonymous said...

he don, your blog is the best side about primo that i ever see, your realy primo music lover. much respect. do you still neet that primo tlc joint - u in me (remix) ?
it's not his best remix but it's ok

Don R.I.F. said...

hell yeah, it'll be dope if u send it to me, the mail is


illmatic_nigguh said...

i also want tlc !! rif - put it on your site man!

Anonymous said...

hello, would be to know if it y' would have enough courageous somebody to take again blog and to continue or Re-up all the productions for primo in rapidshare....thank you that has which could do this peace