Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Track Taste...M.O.P.

Here's a track produced by you know who for the First Family M.O.P....A real Dj Premier and M.O.P. hardcore joint, there's no doubt that both are the one of the best Hip-Hop chemistry ever...It was released on Marxmen Cinema LP and on various mixtapes.

M.O.P. - 4 Life


billyskam said...

Laze E Laze produced the track and Primo did the scratchs!

djpozitiv said...

thats right LAZE!
However Peace 4 DON for this great SITE!

Anonymous said...

actually, thehe track is called "the life". and doesnt it say premier produced it on the marxmen cinema record?

Don R.I.F. said...

that's premier, the track is titled "the life" on the marxmen cinema lp but actually it's "4 life", just hear what they say: "4 life, 4 life, First Family, 4 life, First family..."
plus, i don't know where the fuck these guys saw that it's a Laze E Laze track, Dj Thoro says "Yo Premier I see you" and Billy Danz says just before starting rhymin' "Primo"...So, what the fuck??!!

billyskam said...

here is what laze told about 4 life:
" i chopped it and programmed the drums fame ... did the cuts... if im correct.. primo mixed it

the real name of this track is "4 life" you're right about this ;)

Don R.I.F. said...

he's bullshittin' :)) man, why for god sake they say Primo twice in the beginnin????
maybe i'm wrong, who knows...