Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Arigato PRIMO!! Check out this banger by Def Jam's japanese group TERIYAKI BOYZ called "You know what time is it?!" produced by you know who (faster than the usual Primo sound but dope anyway)...It's on their first album in Russel Simmons' ex-label which contains big producers like The Neptunes, Just Blaze, Dj Shadow and even Daft Punk (!) among others ; it's called "Beef or chicken" (?)...Bon app├ętit!! (but you could hire a better designer for the cover guys, that sh*t is wack!)...


illmatic_nigguh said...

much props 4 creatin' that blog
i'm missing 3 of premier joints
help me out if u can...

madonna "don't tell me (remix)"
tlc "u in me (remix)"
subsonic 2 "dedicated to the city (remix)"


Don R.I.F. said...

sorry dawg, the madonna & tlc stuff i couldn't find them, but i'm sure they exist cauz' i found some vinyls in internet that mention them...otherwise, i posted a snippet of dedicated to the city (gangstarr mix) in the main page, i don't like it that much tho...so, let me know if u want a track aight? ;) peace