Monday, January 16, 2006

Track Taste...HEAVY D & The Boyz

Back to tha real sh*t: check out this extra dope track by Mr. Big Stuff a.k.a. HEAVY D produced by Primo, straight outta old skool planet!! The beat is crazy and the piano keyz on the hook are off the chain!! It's available on Blue Funk released in 92'.
Two others tracks on this album- "Here comes the hevsta" & "A buncha ni**az"- are Primo produced. Let me know if u want me to post them...

Heavy D & The Boyz - Yes Y'all

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billyskam said...

hey I was really surprised when I first hear to this joint! He uses the same sample of Aretha's "Young Gifted & Black" for the "92 interlude" on Daily Operation of the same year (1992).

After all why not :)