Thursday, January 19, 2006

Track Taste...PITCH BLACK

Check out this PITCH BLACK unreleased track titled Rep tha hardest produced by you know who, containing an extra thick bass line, and also the dope released track in 12' called Revenge:

Pitch Black - Rep tha hardest

Pitch Black - Revenge

Everybody knows that Primo also produced "It's all real", "Got it locked" feat. Foxy Brown (those are included in their 1st album called Pitch Black Law) and "Nice" feat. Styles P of D-Block (formerly The L.O.X.). The last one is for me one of the worst that Primo did (I think the 1st bad beat, cauz' I'm still searching for bad productions by him, I can't find any!!), but it's a personal opinion, you may like it ;)... Let me know if u want one of them tho...


billyskam said...

Dope dope dope!
I really enjoy your web page since I discover it thanks to mihau
I already download a lot of Primo tracks unavailable on 12" and I really appreciate that thanks :))

About the track "Nice" first I was like you and don't really appreciate it but know I love it as good as any recent primo stuff.
Sounds like Tef's "Comin At'Cha" produced by you know who back in '99. But as you said it's just a personal opinion :)

Don R.I.F. said...

man, "comin atcha" is straight gutter track!!!! the beat is hardcore and the bass is ill...but in "nice", the beat is too soft, that's why i don't like it that much...but the melody is primo style, always ill!!
au fait, tu parles français dapreès ton site?? ;)

billyskam said...

exact :)

ça serait d'ailleurs peut-être plus simple pour exprimer certaine choses

Anonymous said...

ah vous parlez français, moi aussi, je représente la suisse. Mais c'était un bon exercice d'écrire en anglais. Enfin... Y a t'il une date de sortie pour le nouveau pitch black?