Friday, August 22, 2008

Track Taste...ILL BILL

Maaaan, nuff talkin', listen to this brand new ILL BILL & Preem' collabo and you'll hate Jay-Z. (P.S.: Jay-Z refused this beat for the American Gangster album, plus MC Lyte's "Wonder years" beat and Ras Kass' "Goldyn Chyld RMX" beat.)

Ill Bill - Society is brainwashed (Snippet)

I also think that Jay-Z would sound wack on this one, he ain't hardcore anymore...


kaven said...

This track is hard as hell!!! Jay-Z is so dumb!!!!
Can`t wait to hear the entire track. PREEMO: THE GOAT.

Anonymous said...

if Jay would have picked this beat up for that album.... (psshh) best believe, it would have outshined all the other songs. Just think if jay made a song out of this beat, and cut out "Hello brooklyn", people would have been shouting classic. it just wasnt ment to be. on a good note ill bill killed it, so it fell into the right hands after all. Boop Bap