Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Upcoming Dj Premier productions

Here are some upcoming sh*t from Premier, as heard on various shows and interviews:

1) This one deserve to be first: EMINEM & DJ PREMIER!!!!!! Yeah, that's reality, one day Slim Shady called Primo and told him: "I want a Premier track, a Primo banger!". The track is called "Keys to the city" and all them fake ass rappers better watch there asses cauz' that sh*t will revolutionize Hip-Hop, period!!! Let us wait for that!

2) The upcoming Non-Phixion's Ill Bill album titled "The hour reprisal" should contain a Premier track, last I read was that the album was scheduled to be released on July 11th.

3) Premier and the NYG'z made approach with Rage Against the Machine to feature them on "Pros & Cons", Panchi of the NYG'z & Primo were so excited about that collabo. Check it out on this video.

4) Premier is working on X-Tina's new album, look out for that cauz' their chemistry is dope!

5) Blaq Poet will release a pre-album this August titled "The Blaq Print", produced entirely (!) by Dj Premier! Primo said that a week ago on his show.
6) Rapper Pooh of Little Brother is working with Primo for his new album, that one made my day when I read it! The single produced by Premier is coming out next month and is featuring Khrysis!
7) Dj Premier will probably produce for Busta Rhymes, Ludacris and Bishop Lamont (Dr. Dre's protégé). Speaking about Bishop, Primo said that he once answered the phone and it was Bishop, Preem' was like "How the fuck did he get my number?", it was Lady of Rage who gave Bishop his phone number, so Preem' was like "Aight, Rage is my girl..."

8) There is a highly anticipated track that Dj Premier produced for Teflon featuring Saigon and Papoose. Primo said a few months ago that he gon' aire that out on his show, but we still waiting...sounds dope as f*ck anyway!
9) "My boston" featuring Singapore Kane and Termanology is on Big Shug's next album "The other side of the game".

10) Dj Scratch making an album with Premier. Reality or bullsh*t?? Ask them.


Anonymous said...

Thanx for the post... It seems the Ill Bill lp is pushed back to august 26.. And you mentionned Lady of Rage in your post, it seems that Primo will be executive producer for her next album (even though most albums with Primo as executive producer are yet to be released, Blaq Po, Tef, Fabbiden, Royce...)


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Anonymous said...

holy fuckin shit..found your blog at first many dope infos, man, its crazy..and pooh with preem, damn, thats good news..keep on..peace b

Anonymous said...

Yo I found primo shit in a mixtape it's with Access Immortal the track is Stay strapped. Good times for the hip hop in 2009 lol. Respect for the real Peace

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