Saturday, May 13, 2006

Track Taste...BO$$

Check out this old skool Premier co-remix with Erick Sermon for the female MC Bo$$, who did the good Def Jam dayz with excellent tracks like Deeper on the album Born Gangstaz with her female Dj, called DJ Dee. Bo$$ doesn't rap anymore, she's a DJ in a Texas radio now...

Bo$$ - Driveby (Slow Rollin' RMX)

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hendope said...

k, i aint gon' front, i've heard deeper, but, yo, this is a chick?!? ill rapper nonethelesssss... 'i think i'm gittin' tense, cuz my dollars aint makin' no mothafuckin' sense.' yo, 'i'm a hard bitch,' should really have given it away. :/