Friday, April 07, 2006

Track Taste...KRS-One

I wanted to post this topic to give much props to a real MC that deserved to be nomined as the best MC ever a few yearz ago: KRS-One...When I heard KRS for the 1st time, I didn't like his style that much cauz' when I was a kid, I didn't understand english that good, so I didn't get what he was sayin'. But now...just listen to this track produced by Primo, you'll understand that this guy is one of the only guyz we can call MC...Premier always says in interviews that the most memorable studio sessions he did were with KRS, it was the best chemistry he said...But they don't make tracks together no more cauz' KRS was mad at Primo cauz' he give beats for $35,000, not $5,000 like he did back in the Boom Bap album dayz...But Primo said that he didn't want to lower the price cauz' he wasn't contacted by KRS himself, it was his manager or somebody; and he was pissed cauz' they was good friends and if KRS told him that himself, they would have discussed the price and all that. Plus, it's KRS-One, sh*t, he'll sell records anyway, especially if Primo is involved!!

Krs-One - Higher Level

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