Friday, December 30, 2005

New PREMIER Stuff...

Damn!!! Finally!! Check out this new dope Primo-produced track by MC LYTE (where was she??!) called the "Wonder Years" , it's definitely a big big come-back for Lyte!!!...I heard a Primo interview with Dj Semtex from BBC where he says that he did a beat for Jigga Man's Black Album, and that it didn't make the album, so Mc Lyte did a song for it, and the issue was that I couldn't figure out what was the title!!! I was hearing something like "One deers" (nonsense!! ;) But finally, Spinemag found it before me ;) Big up to them, and thanx to the Wonder Twinz too...

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Track Taste...LITTLE VIC'

This is a new track released in 12' by Little Vic'...This name doesn't seem to be heard before but this italian-american is what u can call a real MC...his lyrics are raw and of course the PRIMO track is killin' it...It's called "The Exorcist"...Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Track Taste...BLAQ POET

Check out these dope
new tracks by Year Round Records first signed artist: Blaq Poet...this guy ain't a new comer, Dj Premier said in a radio show that he used to battle KRS-One back in the 90's, he did a track called "Beat you down" in response to MC Shan's "The bridge is over", and then KRS-One did "I'm still #1 remix" dissin' Poet!! So we talkin' about real MC's here!!...He released a lot of tracks in 12', like "A message from Poet", "Poet has come", "We gon' ill" or "2 tha stomach" (aka "Poet's coming") (all produced by DJ PREMIER) but we still waitin' for the final album - probably titled "The best that never did it" -to be released in 2006.

Blaq Poet - Git dat $
Blaq Poet - S.O.S. (Same Ol' Sh*t)


Here are 2 tracks by Pharrell's Star Trak affiliated Roscoe P. Coldchain (not Young Roscoe, Kurupt's lil' brother) that were released in various mixtapes and radio shows...Both are PRIMO produced! (even if the second doesn't seem like)...Really two dope tracks, I prefer the 1st one tho...

Roscoe P. Coldchain - What it's all about

Roscoe P. Coldchain feat. Ab Liva - Story (I'ma kill this ni**a)

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Some few words about Don R.I.F....

Hello blog-bystanders, I go by the name of Don R.I.F., I'm a 21 y.o. Moroccan student who loves Hip-Hop, I mean Real Hip-Hop, Rough Rugged & Raw, not that "Laffy Taffy" sh*t...I'm a beat producer in my lost hours, and I created this stuff called blog to represent & to big up my man DJ PREMIER, who is the best rap producer of all time for me...His beats and scratches made me dream and made me love this hip-hop game, and love to make beats...So, this blog is, first of all, dedicated to PRIMO...then, you'll find some links of other rap stuff and also links to download snippets of my beats...ENJOY THE BLOG, AND ENJOY YOUR LIFE!!!!