Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Track Taste...BLAQ POET

Check out these dope
new tracks by Year Round Records first signed artist: Blaq Poet...this guy ain't a new comer, Dj Premier said in a radio show that he used to battle KRS-One back in the 90's, he did a track called "Beat you down" in response to MC Shan's "The bridge is over", and then KRS-One did "I'm still #1 remix" dissin' Poet!! So we talkin' about real MC's here!!...He released a lot of tracks in 12', like "A message from Poet", "Poet has come", "We gon' ill" or "2 tha stomach" (aka "Poet's coming") (all produced by DJ PREMIER) but we still waitin' for the final album - probably titled "The best that never did it" -to be released in 2006.

Blaq Poet - Git dat $
Blaq Poet - S.O.S. (Same Ol' Sh*t)


1 man army said...

Poet is the foulest, your blog is the illest

Jaz said...

I'm trying to fathom 2 of the illest tracks both Premo and Blaq Poet ever did, never made the final album...I am hoping like hell that make his next album...because "Git Dat Money" is just incredible.

word up to your blog too man, this ill

Anonymous said...

blaq poet=thug poet=poet (he's from screwball)